Will include how to develop an   empowering resume, professional   fonts, Chronological Resume   instruction, formatting, importance of   keywording, tips and strategies, and   resume samples, etc.   
          JOB SEARCH
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 Includes cover letter samples and   creating email introductions when   applying.  "General and Detailed" cover   letter samples.
 Detailed instructions for how to begin   your search process.  Learn the   importance of "keywording" for searching online and for your particular field.
 30+ Employment Sites provided,   some big boards for all industries,   some specialized by industry sites,   and many supplied for veterans.   Suggestions for in-person sourcing. 
 Extensive detailed tips and strategies   for phone interviews, video interviews,   and in-person interviews.  Tips from   actual interviews; what to do and what   not to do.
 Sample "Thank you" emails for   following up after interviews are also   included. Learn what to express and   write to reinforce your interest in an   opportunity.  
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Employment Packet